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I love sharing the digital marketing information I have learned while being in the real estate industry. I invite all questions about real estate marketing and would love to chat with you about your website, strategy, or anything related to real estate.

Marketing is always changing and there will always be new strategies and tactics. But I have found that three to four marketing strategies will always stand the test of time. Sure you might have to adjust them a little bit but if you study them long enough you will see they have the highest payback rate of all marketing.

These three digital marketing strategies are

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Email marketing

I created this website to document my real estate journey, share insights from helping Carrot grow in the real estate investor and agent market, and to have a creative outlet to write.

But this website isn’t nearly as fun without people finding it and sending me questions and engaging with the content I create.

Here are a couple of ways I can help you.

  • I can look at your website
  • I can run an SEO audit for your website
  • I can answer any questions you have about digital marketing