Keyword Research For Real Estate Investors – How To Find Hidden Gold

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Keyword research is the process of finding the top real estate keywords that generate the most traffic for your real estate investor website. Keywords are phrases we are trying to rank for in Google search.

In this post, I will show you my keyword research process. It’s not as complicated as some make it. The goal is to find 2-3 keywords you want to rank for.

Once we have those keywords ranked in the top spot in Google it is time to revisit this process and start ranking some more.

First Things First, Think Like A Lead

Put yourself in a motivated seller or a cash buyer’s shoes. What sort of thing would you search for on Google?

Would you search for “sell my house” or “sell my house fast for cash”?

One of the searchers is probably a retail seller looking to list with an agent. The other?

A hot lead that will convert on your website.

The same thing goes with cash buyers. Offer your leads what they want by knowing what they will search for.

Google Keyword Planner – Always Start Here

There are a ton of services out there that will show you keyword predictions. But I ALWAYS start with the source of all the data (Google).

Google will force you to create a Google Ads account before you can use the tools. Don’t worry (it won’t charge you).

Step-1: Log in and visit the keyword planner tool

Step-2: Choose “Find keywords” or “Get search volume and forecasts”

Google Keyword Planner Tool

Not sure which to choose? Pick find keywords if you aren’t sure which keywords you should be targeting (this is what I use 80% of the time). Choose Get search volume in forecasts if you have a couple keywords that are closely related and you want to see which one will win. 

Step-3: Type in a general keyword to start getting some data

sell my house fast keyword

This is what you are going to use to seed Google with some data. You are telling Google you want a list of related keywords around this topic.

Pro-tip: Don’t use a location like your city as it will narrow down the results

Step-4: Start analyzing real estate investor keywords

Keywords results

Now the fun begins. Scroll through this list of keywords and start picking ones that meet your criteria. You are looking for the following

  • Avg. monthly searches in the 1k range
  • Competition is medium to high
  • Top of page bid is whatever you can afford

Save those keywords in a list somewhere and start picking the 2-3 you want to start to try and rank for.

Optional Step-5: If you have an idea around two closely related keywords

You have two options when using the Keyword Planner tool. If you choose the “Get search volume and forecasts” you can see how the two keywords stack up against each other.

Search forecasts

Once you put in the keywords you will get a competitive analysis and it should become clear which keyword to go after.

Competitive analysis for keywords

From this example, the “sell my house fast” keyword gets more clicks and more impressions.

The Google Suggest Hack

Google gives us more data than what is in the keyword planner tool. Nearly every time you do a keyword search you can scroll to the bottom of the results and Google will tell you which keywords are closely related.

These are what I like to use for my LSI keywords. If you are struggling to rank for a keyword you can get some ideas of long tail or localized keywords at the bottom of the page.

Check out the gif below to find some Google suggests keywords.

The Google suggest hack

Other Services For Keyword Research For Real Estate Investors

Like I mentioned above, there are a ton of tools that do the same thing I just showed you with Google Keyword Planner.

I will list a bunch of my favorite tools for doing some competitive keyword research.


Ubbersuggest was purchased by Neil Patel and completely redone. It’s a much better tool then it was before. You can use negative keywords (words you want to exclude) and get the same data as Keyword Planner.

For some investors, this interface is cleaner and easier to understand.


Just like the rest.

I wouldn’t opt into their demo or anything. Their sales team is pretty aggressive.

This is a great tool to find closely related and local keyword search data. I like how you can look within YouTube data as well.

I could list a lot more options but I haven’t used many outside of these 4.

Wrapping It Up

Keyword research is really that simple.

The hardest part about keyword research for real estate investors is picking a keyword and staying focused on doing everything you can to optimize it. Investors (and entrepreneurs in general) get shiny object syndrome and get it in their head that there is something better out there.

What I find works for me is to do a bunch of keyword research until I feel confident in my research. To me, confidence is I have a clear strategy for how I am going to rank for that keyword and how I can beat the competition. If I am unsure, I will likely find a different keyword.

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