Watch How Many Motivated Seller Leads I Can Generate With A $230.61 Budget

Follow along as I document every step I take to launch a Google Ads campaign to try and generate some motivated seller leads. I will email you when the campaign starts.

I Have $230.61 In My Business Checking Account

I want to see how many leads I can generate before I am DEAD BROKE.

Maybe you can relate?

SEO takes a while…direct mail is hit or miss.

So that leaves us with PPC…which can be EXPENSIVE.

I am all in. Before I throw in the towel I am going to spend my last $230 on some Google Ads and pray I can close a deal from it.

Here is a picture of my banking account so you believe me.

Bank App Screenshot

I am running an experiment to see if other investors want to follow along and see what I do and if I am successful with my objective.

If this idea is interesting to you I would love for you to follow along on my journey. Here is how to follow along.

  1. Sign up on this page
  2. I will email you when I start to build out the campaign (I’ll show you all the steps I take)
  3. I will then email you each week with the results of the Google Ads campaign.

But the biggest benefit to you is…

I will share all the data and insights I learn during the experiment.

I am half-tempted to export the campaign (assuming it’s working) and give it away for free to anyone who opts in.

But let me be clear with you. I AM NOT A PPC EXPERT.

Here are some stats from my PPC campaign. As you can see I am no guru.

I have no idea if this will be successful or not. Earlier this year I ran some ads and was able to generate 6 leads.

By the end of this experiment, I hope you can take some tactics away from it and implement them for your own real estate business.

I have nothing to sell you and this is obviously costing me some money. If you opt-in to the form on this page I will make sure you get updates on my progress as results.


Awesome just sign up below and I will let you know when the experiment begins.

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