First Post: An Introduction To Myself & The Reason For This Blog

I am not sure how many people will read this first post, but here it goes the first post on REI Motivation.

My name is Alex. I work for a company called Carrot which helps real estate investors and agents generate leads online. I have been with Carrot since 2014 and I have enjoyed seeing Carrot grow into a highly profitable company that helps thousands of investors and agents make money through the leads they generate online.

I currently work on the Operations team and have personally seen members join Carrot with little knowledge of online marketing and go on to make $100k+ from their Carrot site alone.

When you consider most of our members pay $69-$199/mo. I don’t know many other places online where you can see that type of ROI.

Aside from working for Carrot, I blog and currently have 4-5 websites spread out amongst all my interests.

Why I created REI Motivation

I am a big proponent of documenting your life so you can leave a better legacy.

I find myself answering a lot of the same questions in Carrot support or crafting marketing messages to convey why someone should join Carrot.

I figured it was time to start documenting some of what I have learned, the tests I have run, and the marketing strategies I know work when it comes to online lead generation for real estate pros.

On top of all of that, I am also interested in investing in real estate. I want this blog to serve as a place where I document my wins, struggles, and everything that comes with real estate investing.

Sharing my knowledge

I love sharing my knowledge with people. The fact that knowledge can change someone’s life for the better is something that motivates me. I have seen software like Carrot change family trees.

I know smart marketing strategies and tactics can do that for you too.

The next 10-100 leads you generate online could change your life. These leads could be the start of the dream job you always wanted or a secure form of investment for your family. If I can be a small part of that, count me in.

What to expect after this first post?

I don’t know how often I will update this blog with content. But you can be assured when I do, I will sit down and craft thoughtful blog content (free of charge) to help you become a better marketer and real estate investor.

I promise to provide data, examples, and detailed analysis of everything I am saying so you don’t feel left with more questions than when you started.

I hope to start a dialogue with you. I want you to take all of this knowledge from my head and use it. But if I am not clear I want to hear from you so I can help you sort it out or learn from you in the process.

Why you should read this blog

I don’t have 10+ years of buying & selling houses from leads I generated on the internet. I think this is a distinct advantage because it means I am not a “guru”. I have nothing to sell you. I don’t own a course, I don’t have a program, and I don’t take on students.

What I lack in investing experience I make up for in marketing experience.

I have the unique opportunity to interact with thousands of investors and agents every year through Carrot. I also get to see more data than I know what to do with.

All of that is great, but it would be selfish to keep it to myself.

Follow along as I blog about my thoughts on real estate investing and marketing for REI leads.

Ready to get started?