The Top Real Estate Investing Podcasts You Should Be Subscribed To

Let’s face it not everyone likes reading books about real estate investing. If you are too busy to sit down and read you might enjoy listening to real estate investing podcasts instead. No matter how you consume content it’s important you are always learning about what is changing in the real estate market. 

In this post, I will share my favorite real estate investing podcasts. My hope is you find a new favorite podcast to listen to.

In terms of podcast apps, my favorite is the Overcast app. I highly recommend this free app for anyone who takes podcasts seriously.

My Favorite Real Estate Investing Podcasts

There are a ton of real estate investing podcasts out there. Each podcast has a slightly different approach to the topic of real estate. I will be honest with you, it can be boring listening to a podcast that ONLY talks about real estate investing. It is nice when the podcast ventures into related topics like entrepreneurship, personal growth, and other creative types of investing.

The investing podcasts on this list cover real estate investing but some of them have a broader audience and will talk about other things.

The other thing that I really like about some of these podcasts is the caliber of guest they bring on. Listening to some of the biggest businessmen and woman and how they view real estate is an awesome way to learn and grow.

The BiggerPockets Podcast

Why I love this podcast

I tune into nearly every episode of the BiggerPockets podcast because they regularly bring on some of the biggest investors in the nation. I enjoy listening to the insights of investors who have large businesses and employee dozens of people to run their real estate.

To me, this is the industry leading podcast in terms of quality and depth when it comes to financing, finding, and closing deals.

What I don’t like about this podcast

At times the hosts of BP can grind my gears a little. I can’t complain because they put out amazing FREE content but sometimes I have to skip ahead on their intros. At times some of the hosts can over talk the guests and go down weird rabbit holes which makes listening to a bit awkward.

My favorite podcast episodes

Passive Real Estate Investing

Why I love this podcast

I love Marco Santarelli’s podcast for a couple of reasons. The first reason, he mainly focuses on turnkey rentals in static markets. If you live in a market where real estate is really expensive you are probably considering rentals in the Midwest. Marco does a great job of breaking down the ins and outs of what it’s like for someone in Seattle to invest in somewhere like Memphis.

He brings on clients to share their story which lends credibility to his company and he seems like a down to earth guy who asks great questions and knows what he is talking about.

The second reason I like Marco’s podcast is that he doesn’t ramble and gets to the point by asking the questions we want to know.

What I don’t like about this podcast

Sometimes I wish the podcasts were a little longer. I would like for Marco to bring on more guests that are connected to real estate but on the edges (like contractors, property managers, maintenance guys, etc.).

My favorite podcast episodes

The CarrotCast Podcast

Why I love this podcast

Full disclosure: I work for Carrot. But even if I didn’t I would still listen to this podcast.

Trevor Mauch (CEO of Carrot) is well connected in the real estate investing AND entrepreneurship circles. This podcast is has a slight slant towards mindset, entrepreneurship, and life in general. Of course, real estate is discussed as that is the vehicle most of the guests use to get to financial freedom. But I am always amazed at who Trevor lands for this podcast.

I love this podcast because it doesn’t follow a set agenda. Trevor never asks the same questions and you get a lot of genuine conversations from these episodes. I bet the podcast guests get used to answering the same questions…but not on the CarrotCast.

If you are in a rut, feel like you are working IN your business instead of ON your business…check out the CarrotCast.

What I don’t like about this podcast

I haven’t been asked to be a guest on it yet.

My favorite podcast episodes

Rental Income Podcast with Dan Lane

Why I love this podcast

First off, Dan is a flat out amazing interviewer. He asks great questions, he will slow a guest down if they gloss over an amazing fact and he lets his guest take all the spotlight.

I love the format of Dan Lane’s podcast. The episodes are short, concise, and he brings on regular joes who share everything about their real estate journey.

When I first started getting interested in real estate I thought only rich people could do it. After listening to Dan’s guest I am confident in my plan and love the variety of people he brings on the show.

Everyone from firefighters to a guy who paid of student loans with real estate cash flow. Dan’s podcast is a great one to binge while working out, walking the dog, or cleaning the dishes.

What I don’t like about this podcast

Sometimes I wish the shows were longer. Dan and his guest tend to cover the basics of their first deal and how they got into real estate + their strategy going forward. I would love for Dan to incorporate more about entrepreneurship or how real estate has affected the lives of those around them.

My favorite podcast episodes

This list is just a collection of ones I remember. All of the podcasts are good so just pick a few and start with them.

Freedom Fast Lane Podcast

Why I love this podcast

Warning, Ryan Daniel Moran is opinionated and full of confidence, but that is what I like about him.

I first found Ryan when trying my hand at Amazon FBA like everyone else in 2016. Ryan made millions selling products on Amazon but he takes those profits and invests them in business and…you guessed it, real estate.

Every once in a while Ryan will have a real estate investor on his podcast and they talk about how they fund deals and the market in general.

But I like this podcast because it breaks up all the other strictly real estate podcasts I listen to.

Ryan brings on a guest who is investing in things outside of real estate that is termed “alternative investments” which I enjoy listening too.

What I don’t like about this podcast

The podcasts that are just Ryan ranting about something can be a little mundane. If you are into Amazon FBA it might be worth listening too but I generally tune into topics around investing, his company, and the market updates he does. The other stuff is pretty meh to me.

My favorite podcast episodes

Jason Hartman Podcast

Why I love this podcast

Another opinionated podcast host, Jason Hartman is cut from a different cloth. Whenever I bring up the fact I listen to his podcast with other investors 50% role their eyes and 50% nod in agreement.

Jason is a sharp guy.

I love Jason’s podcast because I am always learning when I listen to it. Sometimes I don’t agree with Jason but it’s good to hear the other side of the line to understand their perspective and balance it against your own.

Jason’s content and guests are really good. He talks about everything from macroeconomics, how money really works, inflation, interest, and all sorts of things related to taxes, keeping your investments safe and more.

I have learned a TON from this podcast (probably more than any podcast on this list). I am grateful for Jason and the content he puts out for FREE.

What I don’t like about this podcast

Sometimes Jason gets off on tangents and overshadows his guests with his knowledge. I don’t mind at times but it leaves me thinking “I wish this guy would let his guest talk.”

My favorite podcast episodes

I have listened to so many of Jason’s podcasts that they all sort of mix together in my brain. He goes on tangents all the time so I can’t remember my favorite podcasts.

I would just find a title that catches your attention and start there.

RETipster Podcast

Why I love this podcast

Seth Williams, the main man behind RETipster could put me to sleep with his voice. I mean that in a good way. He has a real laid back and personable tone about him. He doesn’t get overly excited about things and just has regular conversations with his guest.

The RETipster blog is focused on real estate, but a different form then most people are familiar with.

Land investing.

I started listening to RETipster when it first started a couple months back. I was a subscriber to Seth’s blog for years before that. But what got me looking at his blog was his posts about land investing.

When I was in college, I lived in a rural part of Oregon that had more lots for sale than homes.

I knew some guys buying farmland way out in the middle of nowhere and making money on them so I decided to start researching them.

If you are interested in flipping dirt, this is the podcast for you.

What I don’t like about this podcast

Nothing really strikes me as off about this podcast. It’s a nice one to have in your back pocket when you run out of other podcasts and want to check in on some land flippers.

My favorite podcast episodes

Did I Miss One?

Of course, I did.

This is less than 10% of the podcasts about the subject of real estate investing.

I could have easily done some research and started recommending podcasts I don’t listen to regularly but that wouldn’t sit right with me.

Instead, I will just comment on the podcasts I listen to on a weekly/monthly basis and leave it at that.

But if you think I should tune into a new podcast I am all ears. I love learning and wouldn’t say no to a new podcast recommendation (even if it’s outside REI).