November 2021 – Motivated Seller Leads Update

November’s motivated seller leads update is an interesting one for me and this blog. If you just found this post, I have been creating these monthly updates so I can market in public (#marketinpublic).

Motived Seller Leads Quick Stats

  • Spent $1,212.95 in 14 days 😳
  • The average cost per click was $60.77 🤔
  • We landed 5 leads (one of them is promising and needs to follow up)
  • Average cost per conversion was $243 (within our average cost per lead)

But you will notice that I didn’t run ads the second half of the month. Why?

To be honest, I ran out of money in my marketing budget.

In reviewing my August – November spending I have invested just shy of $4k into Google Ads for my Carrot website. We have generated 12 leads and have not been able to close one (yet!).

I am confident that a handful more leads will lead to a closed deal that will allow me to reload my account with more funds.

Stay The Course

This is a critical point for the motivated seller leads marketing of my Carrot website. With some skin in the game and not tangible results to show for it – most people would give up here or say “Google Ads don’t work.”. But I know they do. I have the data proving they do.

As soon as I find a couple more dollars they are going RIGHT to work for me and my Carrot website.

In The Meantime

I launched two things in the month of November while I wasn’t running ads on my Carrot website.

  1. A course that breaks down every single setting, configuration and option of my Google Ads campaign.
  2. A backlink test. I bought a couple backlinks and will track if it increases my websites DA/UR and rankings for select keywords. Follow along here.

Next Steps

I have some really interesting data in a spreadsheet that I need to find time and analyze so I can make some informed decisions. Essentially this spreadsheet is a list of keywords that my competitors have been bidding on with estimated costs per click, traffic, and more.

I intend to find 2-3 categories of keywords that are lower cost per click and test running those so I can allow my ad spend to stretch an entire month.

I really don’t like starting/stopping my campaign and only do that because I don’t have keywords that are the right mix of affordable and enough traffic to warrant bidding on them.

Want to see a sneak peek of the data in my spreadsheets? Check the image below.