How To Create A Compelling Video Titles

It’s no mystery that video marketing and especially video content is the future of real estate digital marketing. It’s critical your video titles are optimized.

Did you know that more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day? [source]

If you are a real estate investor or agent, you better be creating video content.

Why? Because it’s by far the most popular way for leads to consume your content. Platforms like YouTube and Facebook reward engaging content. The more eyeballs you command, the easier it will be to educate visitors before they convert to leads. A well-educated lead will cause fewer headaches and put more cash in your pocket.

Not all videos are created equal. You will want to create videos for a specific audience. I would suggest you focus your attention on YouTube and Facebook. These two platforms offer some of the best opportunities for investors and agents because they have a large and engaged audience.

In fact, according to a WordStream study, 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week [source].

Creating videos is the easy part. You have probably created a YouTube video or two and been underwhelmed by the number of comments and views you received.

Whether you have been video marketing for a couple years or you are a beginner, creating a compelling video title tends to be the hardest part in the entire process.
How to create video headlines that get clicked
Crafting a compelling video title can be broken down into a simple framework.

The framework is, use a keyword in the title to create curiosity and interest.

The keyword is to help platforms like YouTube and Facebook know what your content is about so they can serve it up to their audience (people searching for answers to their questions).

Once you have keywords picked out (more on that later) it comes down to one simple strategy to get leads clicking on your content.

A great video title is a major determinant in whether people will click to play your video or not.

Regardless of how great your videos are, having weak titles will make it hard to get views and also grow your audience. Good news is that creating a compelling video title is a skill that one can master easily with practice.

By simply understanding some general principles of making effective video titles, and putting some thought when writing, it becomes easy to learn the skills required for creating great titles without any worries.

Why do video titles matter for your real estate investor videos?

In the past, there has been a huge number of video content created online and more and more is being uploaded every day. However, there’s a need to find ways of making your real estate videos stand out. Due to the current competition in all sectors including the real estate sector that is growing fast, the best way to increase the chances of your videos being found and watched is by creating strong titles.

For those who have done other kinds of content marketing, they all understand that the title or headline is the only shot for getting individual’s attention. The same is true for video marketing. Publishing high-quality videos that have compelling titles will put you in a smaller pool of your competitors.

Creating great video titles also influence your videos’ image. People will perceive a funny video title differently than a formal or serious one. This normally affects the way different people watch and perceive your videos and also how they think about you.

Finally, having a great title will also help your video get a top place online. Having a great title isn’t the main factor in video SEO, although it’s a must if you want people to get your video through organic search in Google or YouTube.

Qualities of a great video titles

Clear and catchy titles have a huge effect on the way people discover, watch and perceive your videos. But what separates a compelling title from a poor one? Generally, a great video title should have the following qualities:

  • Should be succinct
  • Should be on topic
  • Should be unique
  • Should be keyword focused
  • Should be intriguing

Tips for creating a compelling video titles

Do you need to require some inspiration for creating compelling real estate video titles? Below are some top tips that will help you generate great video title ideas and run on the right path:

1. Perform keyword research

If you need to write appealing video titles for people and search engines, then you need to perform keyword research. If you’ve got a certain keyword strategy, then you have got a nice head start. In case you lack this or need a quick keyword refresher, then you can do video title research as follows.

Begin by visiting the keyword finder tool online where there’re plenty of good and free ones to choose from. Google’s keyword planner in Google Ads is among the popular options.

Answer the Public is another free and useful keyword tool. It normally gives different keywords in question from.

Due to the fact that many people begin their search by just typing questions into the search bar, it’s often wise to give the title of your video a question format.

If the main platform to use your videos is YouTube, then their autocomplete feature becomes a useful part for getting keyword ideas. If you type a phrase or word that is related to your video, you will see a drop-down list of all frequently searched words.

2. Utilize headline analyzer tools

When doing keyword research, it’s most likely that you’ll come up with some ideas for your video titles. Plug these ideas into headline analyzer tools in order to see how strong they are.
The Sharethrough and Advanced Marketing Institute both offer free tools that don’t require signing up. The headline analyzer tools normally give some useful feedback on your title ideas. An algorithm can never predict exactly how people react to your video titles. However, these headline analyzers are a perfect way of knowing what works better and what doesn’t.

Sharethrough headline analyzer will find your title’s strengths and give suggestions for improving it.

3. Keep it short

Could you leave off a word or even two off of your video title without losing clarity or meaning? If so, consider removing them. Having short and snappy video titles is more memorable and eye-catching compared to long ones which are less likely to get truncated in the search engines.

Also, it is important to remember that most people view websites and apps on their phones. Phones have less real estate to display titles. Keep them short and they will appear on mobile.

You can aim for 60 characters which are a good upper limit.

4. Use a question format for the video titles

If you create a video that answers a question or gives valuable information regarding a certain aspect, then it’s a wise idea to use a question format for your title. Product demos, how to videos and other general informational videos qualify for this titling technique. Think of the possible questions people might use to search and find your video.

5. Be interesting

Ask yourself why people would want to play your video in the first place and come up with a compelling video title. Also, try to make people have the feeling that not watching the video they’ll miss out something great.

6. Frontload your title

In most cases, people will probably glance at your video title rather than reading it carefully. Ensure you put the most essential words of the title upfront in order to catch the viewers’ eyes.

This can be a hot-topic word or a keyword. One of my favorite sayings to help me remember to lead with my intentions is “Say what you mean, and mean what you say”. If you only have 3 seconds to catch someone’s attention, you better lead with your best stuff.

Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, these are some of the top tips for creating a compelling title for your real estate videos.

You can also use numbers or lists for instance, “Top 5 ways to invest in the real estate industry” is more compelling than “Easy ways to invest in the real estate industry.” Use the ideas above and start creating great video titles more easily than ever.